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I lead a team of cognitive behaviour therapists that specialise in Obsessive Compulsive and related disorders at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma at the Maudsley Hospital (pictured above) and the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.

There are various referral routes to the service, which depend on your GP’s registered address. For local areas (see below) we can receive a referral from the IAPT – Increasing Access to Psychological Services service after they have screened you.  People who live in Lambeth, Southwark or Lewisham can be referred as  part of the IAPT service.  However please note the specific referral routes as below:

Lambeth:  If you reside, and have a GP registered in, Lambeth you can self-refer, or ask your GP to refer you to the Lambeth IAPT Service.  This referral will then be triaged to decide the most appropriate type of assessment and treatment and where this can be carried out (which will include our Centre).  For more details please contact the Lambeth office on 020 3228 6747.

Lewisham: As above but you should contact the Lewisham office on 020 3049 2000 for more information.

Southwark:  As above but you should contact the Southwark office on 020 3228 2194 or 2195 for more information

Patient who live outside of our local catchment area, can ask their GP to refer them to their local Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service (IAPT) or in many cases they can self-refer to the service. To find your nearest IAPT service please visit www.iapt.nhs.uk. The IAPT programme offers local Cognitive Behaviour Treatment for less complex cases.

Rest of UK:  For more complex cases NHS patients may be referred via your GP form 1st April 2014. A referral  enables us to obtain authorisation to offer you an assessment and treatment. Once we have received the referral we have to approach your local Clinical Commissioning Group on an individual basis to request funding to offer you our service. If you have difficulty in obtaining a referral please contact OCD Advocacy  service.

Outside UK:  We can see patients funded by your local health service in the European Economic Area or privately. Please contact us for details.

Once we have received the referral for an assessment, we will write to you and the referrer to advise you that you have been placed on our waiting list. We will write to you again in due course inviting you to contact the Centre so that we can offer you a choice of appointment dates. Specialist services such as ours may have a waiting list, but we do endeavour to offer you a choice of appointment within 11 weeks of the date of the authorised referral. You are likely to be assessed by a member of my team, who will discuss the outcome of the assessment with me and the rest of the team. We will discuss with you any research trials that we are conducting.


Once you have accepted an appointment you will be sent out some rather lengthy, but very important questionnaires covering different aspects of your problem. It is essential that you complete these prior to the assessment and bring them with you. You will also of course receive a map and directions to the Maudsley or the Bethlem Royal Hospital. We do expect that if for any reason you are unable to attend on the day you let us know, preferably in advance. If you miss the appointment, but require another, there may be a lengthy delay as you will go back to the end of the list.

When you come for the assessment appointment this is a rather tiring and lengthy process and usually takes about 2 hours. Sometimes it can take longer in which case we may need to ask you to come back. You will be asked very detailed questions about your problems. It is important that we get a very clear understanding of your problems in order to establish what kind of help you may need. We prefer to video or audiotape our assessments, which is good practice as it means we can be sure we all carry out our assessments to a high standard. It also means that other members of the team can be involved in discussion about your care. However a video or audiotape can only be done with your consent.

We will not make a decision about what is the best way to proceed on the day. We will consider your case and discuss it with the team, and aim to let you know within a couple of weeks.

We will write back to your referrer after we have completed the assessment and made decisions about your care. We have a policy whereby if you wish to be copied in on letters we are happy to do so with your signed consent.


If we feel we are able to help you with your problems there is normally a wait of 1-3 months before we are able to start your therapy (either as an out-patient or at the residential unit). This is due to the high national demand for this service.

We would offer suggestions to your referrers about your care in the meantime, if this is appropriate.

If, at assessment, we do not feel we are able to help you then we tell you the reasons for this and make suggestions as to what would seem more helpful ways for you to proceed towards getting help with your problems.

Written referrals can be made to me:

(1) Out-patients

Dr David Veale
Consultant Psychiatrist in CBT
Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma
South London and Maudsley Trust
99 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AZ

Tel: 020 3228 2101

Fax: 020 3228 5215

(2) Residential Unit

Dr David Veale
Consultant Psychiatrist in CBT
Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit
Dower House, Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Road
Kent BR3 3BX

Telephone: 020 3228 4146

Fax: 020 3228 4051