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I hope most people with OCD and fears of contamination will be able to laugh at this product . An American company, Blueq is now selling “OCD Anti-Bacterial Sanitizers” and “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer“. They seem to be quite knowledgeable about OCD as they used to sell “Wash Away Your Sins” Towelettes for moral contamination.

OCD fears is not of course really about “contaminants” – it’s driven by the beliefs and emotional associations with the objects of contamination. The first step in overcoming OCD is of course to stop treating is an contamination problem  and to treat it as an anxiety problem. This of course has a completely different  set of solutions compared to sanitizers and excessive washing.

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  1. I can find most things funny…..I have a good sense of humour, but what on earth is this??: “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer“ Taking the Pi** out of OCD sufferers?

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  2. BlueQ is a company that produces things that are mostly absurd – it’s deliberate comedy. These things make for interesting gift ideas, but I doubt the creators thought of OCD when they created the “touched genitals” sanitizer. The OCD one is newer (haven’t seen it before) and probably an afterthought, I personally think it’s less funny that their other products :).

  3. What a ridiculous product.
    3 and a half years ago however, i wouldnt have thought this at all. i would have bought it. Straight away. and probably would have used the whole bottle in less than a week. But i had CBT under the care of Dr Veale and i have no need for such products anymore. I still need to do an ‘OCD’ handwash every night before bed but i am not nearly as bad as what i was! i hope others with OCD see this product and laugh at it as well !

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      We don’t know is the right answer as very little research has been done into emetophobia. I am currently collaborating with colleagues in the USA as part of a trial of CBT against a wait list which will tell us if CBT is better than nothing. We will also be using two new outcome measures that we have tested (the EmetQ and the SPOVI). We believe form clinical experience that most people can make some progress – some people get over it completely – but others continue to have a fear of vomiting which is less handicapping than a phobia.

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