OCD Book review

OCD book review http://j.mp/KGQVEU  Probably sad but true but the reviews on Veet for Men Hair Removal  on amazon.co.uk are just hilarious http://tinyurl.com/csfwobx

NHS Constitution Handbook

This is a very dry but important subject. The NHS has a constitution and recently published a revised handbook to the constiution you can download here. I believe the Department of Health continues to discriminate  against people with with a mental disorder when it comes to choice of a provider for treatment. At the core  of the NHS is a …

BDD Foundation

A new charity is being set up in the UK to provide information and support people with BDD, educate the public and eventually to raise funds for research. Please contact me if you want to be involved, especially people recovering from BDD and their families. Philanthropists especially welcome…. david@veale.co.uk

Taking Control of OCD: Inspirational stories of hope and recovery

I and Rob Willson have edited a collection of inspirational stories of OCD sufferers. They are real-life accounts coping with and overcoming OCD. They will hopefully provide inspiration to anyone going through similar experiences and those who care for them. Buy from Amazon

Story on labiaplasty

    A quote from me was published in the Observer about our study on labiaplasty. If your planning to have labial surgery, please consider volunteering for our research project here

OCD Sanitizer

I hope most people with OCD and fears of contamination will be able to laugh at this product . An American company, Blueq is now selling “OCD Anti-Bacterial Sanitizers” and “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer“. They seem to be quite knowledgeable about OCD as they used to sell “Wash Away Your Sins” Towelettes for moral contamination. OCD fears …

DIY Surgery

I travelled with my family to Mynamar-Burma this summer. It is a fascinating country which I thoroughly recommend a visit. This statue of a woman, Sandhamukhi, at a pagoda in Mynamar caught my eye. I understand that after learning the teaching of the Buddha, in gratitude she cut her breast and offered it to the Buddha. As it is against the …

Mosaic opening, Bethlem Royal Hospital

I had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially open the completed mosaic at our residential unit on 12th October. Celebrations followed with a shared lunch prepared by staff and residents. The mosaic now hangs over the door to the unit and brightly welcomes new patients to Longfield House. It depicts the journey they will embark on during their treatment, …

The “OCD Bully” published in the BMJ

I was pleased to have an article on the “OCD Bully” published in the BMJ as a “Filler” this week. I was slightly disappointed that it was not on the front cover but the picture inside was quite prominent. You can download the article – here.  It is on page 779 of the October 9 issue of the BMJ (2010; 341:c2596) …

Cognitve Behaviour Therapy meets Psychopharmacotherapy

I co-authored this article with Anna Stout that was published this week.  Members of the BABCP can download it from Cambridge On-line. We hope the article takes some of the mystery away from medication. Abstract:  This article provides an overview on the role of psychopharmacotherapy in common emotional disorders for cognitive behaviour therapists. We consider some of the philosophical difference between …