Taking Control of OCD: Inspirational stories of hope and recovery

I and Rob Willson have edited a collection of inspirational stories of OCD sufferers. They are real-life accounts coping with and overcoming OCD. They will hopefully provide inspiration to anyone going through similar experiences and those who care for them.

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  1. Hi,

    Was just watching a documentary about BDD on youtube called “Too Ugly for Love”. I am a former patient of The Priory where I was treated for the condition, my therapist was Rob Wilson and my Dr was Dr Veale. I’ve come a long way now and everyday still has its challenges but i’ve become a totally different person. After seeing this documentary I thought I must get in touch and write something. My therapy came to an end quite suddenly due to unforseen circumstances and I don’t think I ever had time to say thank you to you all. Don’t know if you remember me, it was quite some time ago. I’ve held a job down now for 4 years which is something I would never have been capable of and my bdd doesn’t stop me from doing anything. Very different person to all those years ago. Well, memories came flooding back and thought i’d write. Hope everyone is well.

    Kindest Regards,

    – Abraham.

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