Compassionate Mind approaches

Compassionate Mind Focussed Therapy is something that can be added to cognitve behaviour therapy. It is very much grounded in science and the evidence for its effectiveness is gradually building. Learning skills of self-compassion seems particularly important for people who are very self critical and full of shame or those who find it difficult to switch off their “threat” system.

Professor Paul Gilbert gave a seminar on Compassionate Mind approaches at our unit for residents. The mp3 audio can be downloaded here and a transcription of his lecture can be read or downloaded  here. You can watch his Powerpoint slides here and download  them in the top right hand corner of screen.

Three representative exercises can be downloaded as mp3 audios Compassionate Mind Breathing, Compassionate Mind Introductory Exercises,  Compassionate Mind Imagery (don’t worry if the audio goes silent during the exercises)  There are a number of Compassionate Mind exercises that can be downloaded from Kristin Neff’s website

This is list of recommended reading:

The original book for the general public is  The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert published by Robinson. There are then a number of books in the same series by several of my colleagues which deal with different problems

The Compassionate Mind approach to building self-confidence by Mary Welford

The Compassionate Mind approach to Overcoming Anxiety by Dennis Tirch

The Compassionate Mind approach to Recovering from Trauma by Debbie Lee

Improving Self-Confidence and reducing shyness: Using Compassion Focussed Therapy by Lynne Henderson

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Managing Your Anger by Russel Kolts

The Compassionate Mind to Beating Overeating by Ken Goss

Website links

This is Paul Gilbert’s charity website Compassionate Find Foundation which also many other website links


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