NICE Evidence Update

imagesI chaired the NICE Evidence Update on OCD and BDD which is now published and can be downloaded from here

The team searched for all trials conducted since the guidelines were published  in 2005 (i.e. the search was for the past 10 years). The quality of the trials varies with a lot of  small studies – there are a few nuggets but the group agreed that there was nothing compelling published that would have an impact on the original guidelines. Bit depressing really. The controversial area remains the role of antipsychotics in OCD (see previous post ). There are a few more trials to increase the evidence in children and adolescents. There are some possible newer classes of drugs that may be useful but they need larger trials. Also of note is there was nothing of importance to highlight in the BDD literature in the past 10 years – our own trial of CBT compared to Anxiety management is currently in submission and was not therefore included.

The full list of NICE Evidence Updates is here

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