Medico-legal reports

I have written over 100 reports and have appeared in court. I have acted in cases of negligence for both claimants and defendants.

I do not prepare general psychiatric legal reports but I may act in cases that I specialise in – for example cases of personal injury who have Obsessive Compulsive or Body Dysmorphic Disorder. These are by definition unusual specialised reports. I do not normally act in forensic cases or employment tribunals or legal aid funded cases.

I was previously checked for the Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses and was listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses (JS Publications).

I have attended training days on report writing and speaking in court. I have written over 100 reports and have appeared in Court. I have acted for cases of negligence and for both claimants and defendants.

I would normally expect to have completed a report within 4 weeks of seeing a client (unless agreed beforehand).

My terms

  1. I cost my time at £350 per hour for all time spent on the case. Preparation of a psychiatric report would involve reading all relevant documentation, the examination of your client and meeting any other significant parties. My average fee for cases is £2000. There is no VAT.
  2. My fees in respect of a “without prejudice” meeting or conference with counsel would be £350 per hour which includes time for traveling and waiting.
  3. My daily rate for attending court to give expert evidence is £2,400 per day or part thereof, which includes time for traveling and waiting. I expect payment even if I do not give oral evidence.
  4. Reasonable traveling expenses will be required for attending court or meetings outside London. Copies of receipts will be provided should they be requested.
  5. There would be a contingency cancellation fee of £800 per day if, for any reason whatsoever, any need to attend court is cancelled and I am given less than two working days’ notice.
  6. In legally aided cases (where my fees are considered a disbursement), I expect a prompt claim to be made to the Legal Aid Board and to advise me of any expected delay in settlement. In all other cases, I expect payment within 30 days of the invoice date irrespective of whether a client has paid you (unless agreed beforehand).
  7. I am not prepared to have my accounts subjected to taxation and look to you, my client, to fund any taxation deducted to the Case, at any time.
  8. I will use my experience, care and skill in fulfilling your instructions to the best of my ability. Please remember that I am an independent witness.
  9. I will need photocopies that I can keep of the following documentation prior to my examination of a client: (a) The entirety of a client’s General Practitioner’s medical records. (b) If a client has seen a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor or any other such person in respect of psychological problems either prior to the accident or arising since the accident then I will need to see all relevant reports and letters arising there from c) Copies of any witness statements.