Interactive sleep quiz

This interactive image developed by Steve Caplin could help you identify the things in your life that might help you to get a good night’s sleep.

There are 14 elements in this bedtime image that could help improve your sleep. Your cursor will change as you roll over them. Click to read what they are, then click the button to action them.

When you have found all the elements, you will wake to a new image of morning and a further nine elements to help prepare you for sleep.

Can you find all the elements?

Further help

There are all sorts of problems like anxiety, pain or tinnitus that can interfere with sleep and may need additional help, so please see your family doctor if this is relevant to you.

This information can also be viewed as a video on my YouTube channel.

I strongly recommend the materials by Professor Colin Espie if you have a persistent sleep problem. These are developed from CBT for Insomnia.

Website and app

Further resources from the interactive image

Amber lighting

For “blue blocking” glasses or amber lighting in the early evening until you go to bed, I recommended the UK supplier or in the USA:

Bright Light Box

A bright light box providing 10,000 lux for 30 mins, first thing in the morning for example when you have breakfast or read the paper can help treat seasonal or non-seasonal depression.

In the UK, Lumie is a good supplier but whoever you choose check the distance from the light box to obtain 10,000 lux. It is usually 30cm  but this may be less in smaller models. Optimise the timing of the bright light by completing this questionnaire.

Dawn Simulator

Consider a dawn simulator as your alarm clock e.g. Lumie Dawn Simulator or Philips. It is very pleasant way of waking in the morning. The cost will depend on how many extras you want such as analogue or digital radio.


Consider replacing an uncomfortable mattress if you can. See here.


Working shifts on can be disruptive to your sleep pattern. Advice from the Sleep council on shifts is here.

Sleep Apnoea

If you notice a distinctive pattern of snoring in your partner, find out about sleep apnoea here. It can be dangerous if left untreated.

Waking Time

You can find out your natural time of waking by completing the questionnaire here.