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You are not alone

This is a 3.5 minute video about the experience of Body Dysmorphic Disorder made by my friend Steve Caplin for our charity the BDD Foundation.

Because I’m ugly

This is short animation about the experience of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and its development during adolescence.

Psychedelics and psilocybin for OCD and BDD

This is an introduction on the potential use of psychedelics, especially psilocybin for obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. I am seeking funding for research through the BDD Foundation.

Getting a good night’s sleep

This is all the best advice available on getting a good night’s sleep and therefore improving an emotional problem like depression or OCD.

Bedlam: Channel 4 documentary on our Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit

The Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital was featured in this episode of Bedlam on Channel 4 in 2013. This is a fly on the wall documentary that follows the journey of some of the residents with OCD.